SSL Certificates

Securing your site with reliable encryption.

Name Type Business Verified Wildcard Green Address Bar Encryption Price
Positive SSL DV 128-bit £10/yr
Positive SSL Wildcard DV 128-bit £100/yr
RapidSSL DV 256-bit £15/yr
RapidSSL Wildcard DV 256-bit £150/yr
Comodo SSL DV 256-bit £44/yr
Comodo SSL Wildcard DV 256-bit £160/yr
Comodo SSL EV 256-bit £156/yr

Why buy SSL?

Trust and Encryption

An SSL certificate encrypts sent a recieved data making it very hard for packet sniffers to see your user's passwords and details they put through your site as well as what you send them. Depending on the SSL you buy depends on the added benefits that will help build trust with your site visistors or customers, so they know they are safe.

A lot of web broswers will flag your site as unsafe and warn users against visiting if you haven't got a valid SSL. This can drive a lot of people away.

You can read our article on why you need SSL by clicking here


Yes, these SSL certificates can be installed onto your site even if they are hosted by another company. We provide extended support and installation for those who have their site hosted with us.
You can read our guides on how to install your SSL and more over at our knowledgebase!
We are doing our best to have happy clients but if you are unhappy with your service you need to request a cancellation before the next billing cycle.
Some SSL certificates are issued instantly and some can take a while for verification due to security measures. Sometimes issuance can take 7 days. So please be patient.

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