We offer servers in a growing number of locations with plans to expand. At the moment we own servers in:

  • Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Strasbourg, France
  • Dusseldorf, Germany (coming soon)
  • Las Vegas, United States

We are currently in the works of expanding our locations to offer a wider range of services from each location, offering a better and wider coverage for all users.
Web servers are available within the UK and US. Game servers from FR and DE. Our VPS and voice is temporarily UK only.

Our Mission

Connect Communities

We strive to provide a reliable service that can be utillised by growing communities and big business alike.


We want to keep our systems modern and simple to allow anyone to get setup and release their creativity.

Quality > Price

We pride ourselves in offering an arguably better product than our competitors at a lower price.

Our Staff

Alex Brand

Operations Manager

Skills Coding, Marketing
Hobbies Photography

Bartosz Glinski

Marketing Coordinator

Skills Business Operations
Hobbies Hardware Repair, Painting

Lisa Meshí

Support Lead

Skills Client Communication
Hobbies Cooking, Chess