High Performance, Low Latency ServersGame Servers

minecraft servers best selling game of all time
  • Customisable RAM
  • 20GB SSD storage
  • Plugins supported
  • NO slot limit
CSGO over 24M active monthly players
  • 3GB RAM
  • 35GB SSD storage
  • Addons supported
  • NO slot limit
  • 128 tick servers
Team Fortress 2Top 10 on steam
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10GB SSD storage
  • Addons supported
  • NO slot limit
lifetime of security guaranteed.
Flat Rate Pricing

Unlike other sellers we don't make you pay for slots. What you use your resources for is your choice

Online Panel

Everything can be managed online, with a console, file manager and parameter settings all in one place

You're in Control

With handy tools like command scheduling and a backup system you're always in control

Low Latency

Our servers are specifically made to host your games and so have networking configured for low latency

Frequently asked questions.
Unlike some other hosting companies, we give you a fully unlocked panel that allows you to tinker to your hearts desire and create the server you want. No needing to compromise on plugin choice or server settings.
Our game servers are hosted in your choice of France or Germany, great central locations for fun community play and low latency competive events alike. Our servers are utilised by tournaments, leagues and matchmaking services who have all put our hardware to the test.
Our game servers feature super fast SSDs, DDR4 RAM and intel i7-6700K processors, not any old metal can handle these high performance servers.
Should you accidently do something a bit... incorrectly, our support team is on hand to help. Or if you want there is a nifty reinstall button that tends to fix it ;)